Dangerously Close - Intimate Portraits of Vanishing Creatures

What is Dangerously Close - Intimate Portraits of Vanishing Creatures

The Dangerously Close: Intimate Portraits of Vanish Creatures project came about
as a result of my love of photography, wild animals and years of hard work. My
desire to capture the soul of my subjects through the study of their expressions
and body language is what has guided me throughout my artistic career.

In creating these images my hope was to not simply document these creatures on film,
but to preserve that moment in time when similarities between man and animal seem to
blur together. From the curious eyes of a Gibbon Ape to the contented look of a Snow
Leopard, The Dangerously Close exhibit explores a more soulful side to wildlife photography.

It is my hope that those who view these prints will be inspired to take a stance and make a
difference in the fate of these endangered animals. I encourage everyone to find out how they
can make a difference.

How we get our photographs

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Support the efforts of the endangered species organizations

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What you can do

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